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Our Advantages

Zivudronen thrives on the long-term relationships we have with our customers. We aim to satisfy our customers, and do so, by offering quality solutions that meet their specific needs. Our excellent products, together with our professional and responsive management sustain the sound and productive partnerships we enjoy.

Excellence is an approach which we, at Zivudronen, implement in all aspects of our business activities. Know-how, professionalism and quality are the key to excellence. We invest in excellence through trained, professional and experienced personnel, strong engineering and production capabilities and by complying with international and industry standards and requirements. 

We apply innovation to every step of our manufacturing cycle. Our advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies enable us to overcome any challenge and offer better and more cost effective solutions. Traditional values, profound know-how and vision are the growth engine of our professional development.

Working environment
We believe that our working environment reflects who we are and how we do it. We manage our company from modern, advanced and fully equipped manufacturing facilities. Abiding by environmental standards, we create and maintain a healthy, productive and sustainable working environment.


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